Trifecta of Ozarks Trout Rivers

Butler fishes three outstanding north Arkansas rivers in pursuit of a favorite gamefish. The region offers beautiful scenery and some of the best trout fishing this side of the Rockies, including a shot at some world-class fish.

Five outdoor road trips to consider this year

As we near the end of COVID restrictions, demand for travel is high among sportsmen and women. Butler recommends a few trips guaranteed satisfy the pent-up, post-quarantine need for the great outdoors.

Free range aoudad offer challenging hunt

Butler travels to New Mexico in pursuit of this unique sheep and talks to an expert about what makes this species so special.

Turkey hunting the vast Sand Hills of Nebraska

Butler’s solo trip provides solace, scenery and a pair of toms. The Niobrara River, which is a National Scenic River, offers some of the most beautiful bottomland habitat he’s ever roamed.

Mid-Florida bass fishing with gators and a run of bad luck

Rick Bramwell continues his southern odyssey and catches a few fish, but hopes his spring only gets better from here.