First Shots Of Fall: An Introduction to Dove Hunting

Editor Ben Shadley on the basics of dove hunting, including a few observations from years in the field. These birds can make for tough shooting, but the right approach can improve your odds.

Hunter claims seven spur gobbler

A unique Pennsylvania turkey reminds Butler that sportsmen and women often have multi-season history with the game they pursue. Often this means fleeting glimpses, missed shots and tag soup. But sometimes, the hunter prevails and concludes a meaningful chapter.

Florida Python Challenge Pays to Kill Invasive Snakes

New contest aims to reduce the population of this non-native species wreaking havoc in the Everglades. With $10K on the line, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission hopes the competition will help restore the fragile ecological balance of this crucial area.

Drought conditions hurt duck breeding

DU predicts less waterfowl, and Butler laments Indiana’s wetland protection rollback as changing climate increasingly affects wildlife.

Field Notes: Desert Gould Mine

Hunter and conservationist Gene Hopkins heads to Sonora, Mexico, in pursuit of Goulds’ turkey. Beautiful country, great friends and a successful hunt made his trip one for the books

Five outdoor road trips to consider this year

As we near the end of COVID restrictions, demand for travel is high among sportsmen and women. Butler recommends a few trips guaranteed satisfy the pent-up, post-quarantine need for the great outdoors.

Tale of the left-handed turkey: An old friend joins the hunt

Shadley shoots one wrong-handed, but he’s not alone on this solo hunt. A much-loved friend, expert turkey hunter and dedicated conservationist joins him on the hunt, if only in spirit.