Summer fishing and a family emergency: Two adventures with happy endings

Bramwell braves warm water in search of redear and bass, but a medical problem close to home puts everything on pause. Luckily, everyone’s OK, and the fishing wasn’t bad either.

Heat doesn’t hurt central Florida bass fishing

Bramwell and company head south amidst high temps and last-minute boat problems. His “bad luck,” however, results in new friends, new techniques and largemouth big enough to break any fisherman’s run of fishing misfortune.

Trifecta of Ozarks Trout Rivers

Butler fishes three outstanding north Arkansas rivers in pursuit of a favorite gamefish. The region offers beautiful scenery and some of the best trout fishing this side of the Rockies, including a shot at some world-class fish.

Small lake delivers summer success

Rick Bramwell finally finds bluegill using a couple tried and true techniques. Then a storm blows in, but he’s not complaining. He proves these sunfish are easy to catch, sometimes.

States Wisely Develop Offices of Outdoor Recreation

Arkansas focuses on expanding it’s outdoor recreation economy, and Butler hopes more states do the same. These activities account for almost $500 billion of our GDP, so the market is ripe for states to harness the public’s passion for the outdoors.

Eurasian clams claim a lake, but fishermen take it back

Bramwell and friends apply time, effort and science to resurrect a body of water infested by an invasive species. The results took time, but the story shows the potential of sportsmen and nature working in concert.

How to catch bluegills on the bed

This fun and often easy rite of summer is upon us. Fishing Editor Dean Shadley explains how to catch these fighters, and how to cook these delicious fish.

Prime time for river smallmouth

One of Butler’s favorite gamefish often plays second fiddle to trout, but don’t believe the hype. Smallmouth, especially when caught in rivers and streams offers some of the best fishing in the midwest.

All about redear, and how to catch them

Bramwell educates on this hearty sunfish, explains fishing techniques and gives a report from his recent trip in pursuit of these freshwater fighters.