Breaking News: GUNS Magazine Signs Brent Wheat As New Editor

Editor note: WildIndiana Publisher Brent T. Wheat is wearing a new hat! For the foreseeable future, much to the dismay of grammar teachers everywhere, will continue publishing!

From The Outdoor Wire:

FMG Publications is pleased to announce the addition of Brent Wheat as editor of GUNS Magazine. Wheat’s decades of industry experience as a lifelong hunting and shooting enthusiast is expected to resonate with GUNS Magazine’s loyal readership.

“Brent brings a great sense of humor, strong work ethic and experienced teamwork skills to the oldest published newsstand general interest gun title in existence,” said Publisher Roy Huntington. “His ability to produce digital content, video and podcasts will expand GUNS Magazine’s 63 years’ worth of influence to an even wider audience.”

“I know the term is overused, but I’m darn excited about working with the team at FMG,” said Wheat. “While the expectations are high in this job, I feel like I’m walking into a friendly, professional environment where everyone wants to grow the industry through new and exciting content. With our long history of successes, the highly motivated team already in place and a little new blood, the future of GUNS Magazine will continue to rack-up triumphs.”

Brent Wheat is an award-winning author, senior member of many outdoor writer associations, former SWAT team member and has extensive experience in newspaper, television, radio, government, corporate and non-profit communication groups. He also serves on the City of Lebanon Common Council in Indiana.

“Brent’s diverse background will help the GUNS Magazine team keep content timely and interesting. Thinking out-of-the-box will have readers wondering what’s next when they turn a page, or click on a link!” Roy added.

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