Float Trip on the Blue River

This past week WildIndiana Publisher Brent T. Wheat and Field Editor Don Cranfill had the pleasure of joining internationally-known country blues and Americana artist Reverend Peyton on Harrison County’s Blue River.

The genesis of the trip was our story from several weeks ago when Cranfill caught up with “The Rev.” after one of his shows. Peyton, aside from his incredible musicianship, is a well-known fisherman. You can read that story here.

After the interview was concluded, like all fisherman do, Peyton and Cranfill made plans for a future trip. Eventually, after Rev. came off the road and all the stars properly aligned, we actually had the opportunity to float the Blue River.

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The Blue River is truly unique among Indiana streams. Bounded by high bluffs with numerous caves, the mostly-spring fed waterway contains the endangered Hellbender, a 24-inch aquatic salamander. What the river doesn’t contain is much trash, development or other anglers. If you avoid weekends on the upper segment where there is a canoe rental livery, you’re likely not to see anyone on the river. Even if you do hit the most “crowded” section during a busy time, the number of people on the water is still relatively small.

A special thanks to O’Bannon Woods State Park Property Manager (and former Blue River Fishing Guide) Bob Sawtell for running shuttle and giving us fishing tips.

For further information:

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band homepage: http://www.bigdamnband.com/

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When visiting the area, we highly recommend staying at Along Blue River Cabins- http://www.alongblueriver.com

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