Dean Shadley

Shadley’s interest in hunting, fishing and a ton of other outdoor activities started at a very young age. He was hunting and fly-fishing on his own when he was eleven; it’s always been his passion. He was employed by the Indiana DNR as a conservation officer for 34 years. For the first 17 years, Shadley worked southeastern Indiana as a field officer. For the last 17 years he was in charge of Indiana’s Turn In a Poacher program (TIP) and was the chief public relations officer for the law enforcement division. Since his retirement he’s spent most of his time fly-fishing, shooting sporting clays, hunting and photographing wildlife. Shadley is Fishing Editor of Sportsman Magazine

Why Are We Keeping Smallmouth?

I had to let my blood pressure settle before I began to write this article. My day started out pretty good, but then it went downhill.

How to catch bluegills on the bed

This fun and often easy rite of summer is upon us. Fishing Editor Dean Shadley explains how to catch these fighters, and how to cook these delicious fish.

Smallmouth on the bed: Look but don’t fish

Shadley bumps a smallie off her nest and captures a great photo instead of the fish. They may be easy to catch, but it’s not worth disturbing them during this critical time.

Tale of the left-handed turkey: An old friend joins the hunt

Shadley shoots one wrong-handed, but he’s not alone on this solo hunt. A much-loved friend, expert turkey hunter and dedicated conservationist joins him on the hunt, if only in spirit.

Fishing Report: SE Indiana smallies on the nest and Clouser minnows carry the day

Shadley picks up a few smallies and redeyes, and predicts good fishing until the water warms later in the season.

Fishing Report: East Fork of the Whitewater River delivers white bass, usually

Fishing editor beats the odds and has a slow day fishing the white bass run. But it’s a matter of perspective; a bad day for these prolific fish just means there’s still a little room on your stringer.

Crappie season kicks off in central Indiana

Fishing Editor Dean Shadley finds Indiana spring slabs and success with modern fishfinder.

Fishing Report: SE Indiana smallmouth bite heats up on rivers and streams

If you spent the second week of March sitting on the couch drinking beer you missed the first great smallmouth bite of the year. The first of the week was perfect, sunny and warm with south and southwest winds. I fished the first Friday of March and caught three...