Brandon Butler

Long-time outdoor writer and native Hoosier Brandon Butler lives in Missouri and serves as the Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri. Previously, he worked with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as Governor Mitch Daniels’ liaison to the department, Director of Sales and Marketing for Dominator365 and as the Marketing Manager Battenfeld Technologies, Inc.

Hunter claims seven spur gobbler

A unique Pennsylvania turkey reminds Butler that sportsmen and women often have multi-season history with the game they pursue. Often this means fleeting glimpses, missed shots and tag soup. But sometimes, the hunter prevails and concludes a meaningful chapter.

Trifecta of Ozarks Trout Rivers

Butler fishes three outstanding north Arkansas rivers in pursuit of a favorite gamefish. The region offers beautiful scenery and some of the best trout fishing this side of the Rockies, including a shot at some world-class fish.

Florida Python Challenge Pays to Kill Invasive Snakes

New contest aims to reduce the population of this non-native species wreaking havoc in the Everglades. With $10K on the line, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission hopes the competition will help restore the fragile ecological balance of this crucial area.

States Wisely Develop Offices of Outdoor Recreation

Arkansas focuses on expanding it’s outdoor recreation economy, and Butler hopes more states do the same. These activities account for almost $500 billion of our GDP, so the market is ripe for states to harness the public’s passion for the outdoors.

Drought conditions hurt duck breeding

DU predicts less waterfowl, and Butler laments Indiana’s wetland protection rollback as changing climate increasingly affects wildlife.

Ammunition shortage continues post pandemic

Brandon Butler breaks down the sad state of ammo supplies, and has some enlightening research on what’s causing bare shelves at outdoor stores across the country.

Prime time for river smallmouth

One of Butler’s favorite gamefish often plays second fiddle to trout, but don’t believe the hype. Smallmouth, especially when caught in rivers and streams offers some of the best fishing in the midwest.

Five outdoor road trips to consider this year

As we near the end of COVID restrictions, demand for travel is high among sportsmen and women. Butler recommends a few trips guaranteed satisfy the pent-up, post-quarantine need for the great outdoors.