Allison Voges

Allison Hunter Voges grew up in the outdoors. Some of her favorite memories are tagging along on a quail or squirrel hunt with her father, or fishing with her grandparents and cousins out on the pond. After college she took up archery and found a real passion for the sport. Shortly after picking up her bow she asked a friend to take her on her first whitetail hunt which fueled her enthusiasm for the outdoors. These days you can find her out hunting and fishing every chance she gets; whether it’s in her home state of Indiana or somewhere else in the US. Allison is the author of a children’s book entitled Chasing Deer, about a child’s first experience bow hunting whitetail. Her goal in life is to inspire and encourage youth to get out into the great outdoors.

Sight Lines: Women are welcome outdoors, but not always respected

Allison Voges finds much to be hopeful about, and behavior that needs to change.

A Hunting Lesson With My Son

Are you ready to go dove hunting with me buddy?” I ask my son, Sway, as he runs to me from the entrance of his preschool. My four year old grins wide and lets out an excited, “Woop!” as he jumps into my arms. Dove hunting, just him and...