Reasons To Buy An AR-15 Right Now – The Dirty Dozen

We keep making headlines.  Americans are buying firearms in record numbers.  A huge part of that is the purchase of AR-15 style rifles.

Military Grade AR-15

The AR-15 and all its variants, is one of the most loved and reviled rifles in America.  It is the focus of countless attacks by ignorant or apathetic people that swallow hook, line, and sinker what the media and Hollywood spews out.  Just about any news cast on the AR-15 (Short for Armalite Rifle) brings up the fact that it is “military-grade”.  What does “military-grade” mean? The long explanation goes over all of the specifications and tolerances that are required to be certified military grade.  The short version is that the AR-15 was designed to take a lickin’ and keep in ticken’ under any condition found on the planet.  Military grade means extremely reliable.  My question is, why wouldn’t you want something that is military grade?  Who wants something that is unreliable?

Contrary to what Hollywood loves to portray, the AR-15 commonly available on the civilian market is not capable of fully-automatic fire.  A civilian can own a Class-3 weapon, one capable of fully-automatic fire, if they pay the fees and taxes to own one, and can afford the weapon itself, which can be quite extravagant.  Most common shooters can’t afford such a luxury.

AR-15 History

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The AR-15 is not a new design, or even a new gun.  The AR-15 was designed by ArmaLite in 1958.  The rights to the AR-15 were sold to Colt in 1959 who was contracted to produce it for the US military as the M-16.  Since that time many other companies, Ruger, Remington, Mossberg, and many others, have copied the design to produce entire rifles or just certain parts.  These are referred to as “AR-15 variants” and what most commonly are found on the market.

All of this begs the question, why all the recent surge in popularity?  It’s a combination of reasons, but most of it boils down to its just taken this long for the public to realize what a great shooting platform it is.

The AR-15 is Powerful Enough For A Man, But Made For A Woman…

Erica Pulvermacher fell in love with the AR-15 while in US Army Basic Training and just had to buy her own.

Well, not really, but many women feel this way.  It is in fact, the weapon of choice for many female shooters.  The simplicity, size, and recoil of the AR-15 make it the first choice for home defense, plinking, or hunting.

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Resistance is futile!

If you’ve been resistant to an AR-15 here’s twelve reasons you should own one.  We like to call them, The Dirty Dozen:

    1. The AR-15 platform is the most ergonomically correct long arm out there. Most other rifles force the shooter to weaken their grip by not having joints in proper alignment.  The pistol-grip allows the shooter to hold the rifle in a more natural and stronger position.  An optional forearm grip helps even more.
    2. They are reliable. That means the AR-15 is built to standards set forth by the US military so that it functions under just about any condition found on the face of this planet.

Magpul AR-15 Pink Furniture

  1. They are modular. An AR-15 breaks down quickly into two sections, the upper and the lower.  Because of this feature any upper will work on any lower.  If the shooter has set up the configuration of their lower to precisely fit their shooting style, they can swap back and forth between uppers of different calibers.  One lower can be fitted with a .223/5.56 upper one moment, a .300 Whisper, the next, and a .450 Bushmaster the next.  One rifle can be used for plinking, deer hunting, or bear hunting in a matter of seconds.
  2. One size fits all. The AR-15 can have an adjustable stock which changes the length of pull in seconds.  This allows it to be easily adapted to any size frame, from youth to right-tackle, from petite to full-figured with just the squeeze of a lever.
  3. The NO PEW, PEW. PEW-PEW-PEW marked receiver is always a hit.

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    Light recoil. Most AR-15s come in .223/5.56, which is a .22 caliber bullet that packs a wallop.  While it does have some recoil, it isn’t objectionable to most shooters.  What recoil there is can easily be tamed by changing to a bull barrel.

  4. They are compact. An AR-15 with a standard 16” barrel and collapsible stock are extremely short.  When hunting in heavy cover, an AR-15 with a single-point sling allows the hunter to carry the rifle up close and out of the way, yet can quickly be raised into action in less than a second.
  5. Custom Receivers by ManVenture Outpost

    The ammunition is cheap. AR-15s are a blast to plink with, so it isn’t hard to burn through a few hundred rounds on an afternoon or target shooting.  Luckily, standard ammunition can be had cheap, and even cheaper if you watch for sales.

  6. They can be personalized. With hundreds of companies making AR-15 variants and their components, a shooter can style his or her rifle to their own taste, from zebra-stripe pink stocks to customized receiver markings.The AR-15 platform is the Jeep Wrangler of the shooting world.  Your rifle can be an extension of your own personality, from pretty in pink to bad-a$$ black matte.
  7. They have thousands of accessories. With the rail mounting system, everything from scopes to red dot sights, from flashlights to bipods can be attached with simple tools.
  8. The rail system allows easy installation of any accessory.

    They are easy to maintain. The AR-15 is based on the military M-16 rifle, so it was designed from the ground up to be cleaned quickly and easily in the field with few tools.

  9. They are fun to shoot. There’s a reason why the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America.  Along with all the above reasons, they are more fun to play with than a box of puppies.
  10. They are accurate. In the right hands the AR-15 is accurate to 600 yards or more.

If you don’t own an AR-15 rifle, don’t play into the negative hype that the media and anti-gun crowd spews out.  Put one in your hands, shoot a few magazines of ammo through it at the range, and see if you don’t change your mind.  Trust me when I say, if you try one, you’ll join the millions of other folks that have bought one… or two… or three.




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