Indiana NWTF Turkey Tip – Say NO To Wild Hogs

NWTF Indiana – Turkey Tips: Wild hogs, feral hogs, razorbacks, it doesn’t matter what you call them, they can easily decimate future turkey populations by eating eggs, poults, or nesting hens, as well as by destroying habitat. Wild hogs also directly compete with turkeys for food. A growing wild hog population will leave no game animal unaffected, from grouse to deer. Sadly, there are those that are working to illegally import and spread wild hogs in Indiana, as well as other states. Support our turkey populations by reporting any activity that involves moving or importing wild hogs. Call (800) 847-4367 if you see or hear of any such activity. Do not give safe harbor to anyone that wants to spread wild hogs in Indiana.

Even baby hogs have the teeth needed to decimate wild turkey nests. Photo by Alan Garbers.

Here’s another tip: Join the NWTF and support your local chapter. Many chapters are active in improving turkey habitat on public lands. The best part? If the habitat if perfect for wild turkeys, its perfect for deer and other wildlife, such as ruffed grouse and quail. Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt, for all of us.

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Alan Garbers
Alan James Garbers – Alan is passionate for the outdoors. He enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, photography, writing, woodworking, and more. He loves exploring the BWCAW in northern Minnesota, roaming the deserts of Arizona, or hiking the mountains of Colorado. He has lived in Minnesota, Hawaii, Mississippi, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, and Indiana. From hunting rattlesnakes to black bear and fishing for catfish to muskie, he loves it all. Since 1989 his writing credits have included Indiana Outdoor News, Indiana Game & Fish, Muzzle Blasts, Outdoor Guide Magazine, Fur-Fish-Game, Boundary Waters Journal, Boys’ Quest, Fun For Kidz, Mother Earth News, Cricket, Small Farm Today, American Careers, Arizona Hunter & Angler, Old West, and others. Fiction credits include StarTrek Strange New Worlds Anthologies IV, V, and 08. Alan recently complied an anthology of his popular column, Behind The Badge: True Stories of Indiana’s Conservation Officers. It is available in e-reader format and found at Amazon and other on-line book retailers. Alan is a member of AGLOW and HOW.


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