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The Dirty Secret of Indiana’s Declining Deer Herd

Visit any coffee shop, café or local watering hole where deer hunters gather and you’ll likely hear the same story. For the last couple years hunters have been complaining about declining deer herd.

Hunter claims seven spur gobbler

A unique Pennsylvania turkey reminds Butler that sportsmen and women often have multi-season history with the game they pursue. Often this means fleeting glimpses, missed shots and tag soup. But sometimes, the hunter prevails and concludes a meaningful chapter.

Hoosier Record Book Buck Wall Of Fame Returns

Nothing commands our attention like a trophy white-tail rack.  A magnificent set of antlers stirs something primal in us, but few associate the Hoosier...

Whooo is that? Owls in Indiana

One of the most elusive, mythical yet often heard residents of Indiana wildlands is the owl. These nocturnal birds are abundant throughout the state but...


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Fly Fishing

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Photography, Fly Fishing & More

Why Are We Keeping Smallmouth?

I had to let my blood pressure settle before I began to write this article. My day started out pretty good, but then it went downhill.

First Shots Of Fall: An Introduction to Dove Hunting

Editor Ben Shadley on the basics of dove hunting, including a few observations from years in the field. These birds can make for tough shooting, but the right approach can improve your odds.


Summer fishing and a family emergency: Two adventures with happy endings

Bramwell braves warm water in search of redear and bass, but a medical problem close to home puts everything on pause. Luckily, everyone’s OK, and the fishing wasn’t bad either.

Heat doesn’t hurt central Florida bass fishing

Bramwell and company head south amidst high temps and last-minute boat problems. His “bad luck,” however, results in new friends, new techniques and largemouth big enough to break any fisherman’s run of fishing misfortune.

Trifecta of Ozarks Trout Rivers

Butler fishes three outstanding north Arkansas rivers in pursuit of a favorite gamefish. The region offers beautiful scenery and some of the best trout fishing this side of the Rockies, including a shot at some world-class fish.

Small lake delivers summer success

Rick Bramwell finally finds bluegill using a couple tried and true techniques. Then a storm blows in, but he’s not complaining. He proves these sunfish are easy to catch, sometimes.



Field Notes: Desert Gould Mine

Hunter and conservationist Gene Hopkins heads to Sonora, Mexico, in pursuit of Goulds’ turkey. Beautiful country, great friends and a successful hunt made his trip one for the books

Five outdoor road trips to consider this year

As we near the end of COVID restrictions, demand for travel is high among sportsmen and women. Butler recommends a few trips guaranteed satisfy the pent-up, post-quarantine need for the great outdoors.


Sight Lines Series

Sight Lines: Women are welcome outdoors, but not always respected

Allison Voges finds much to be hopeful about, and behavior that needs to change.

Sight Lines: Women, the outdoors, and gender bias

Cindy Stites pens an essay no one wants to write.


Ammunition shortage continues post pandemic

Brandon Butler breaks down the sad state of ammo supplies, and has some enlightening research on what’s causing bare shelves at outdoor stores across the country.

Youth trap league teaches shooting skills

Bramwell visits a shoot and finds he has much in common with a talented young shooter. Caitlin Calfee is opposite-eye dominant, as is the author.

Grown-up Air Rifles Aren’t Toys

If you are like me, your shooting career started with the venerable “BB” gun. I can still remember the day when my uncle handed...

Cowboy Action Shooting: Are You Game Enough?

They were all there; Rattlesnake John, Cannon, Undertaker, Dough Slinger, and others. They were all watching my every move. I had been challenged and...


Agriculture & Conservation

One of the great frustrations of my life’s work is the divide between conservation and agriculture. Growing up hunting on farms across northern Indiana,...